Financial Sanity - Paid

May brought huge changes in our Financial Sanity.  First of all, we can now celebrate automotive freedom.  Namely, we paid our car off.  I can’t remember the last time we haven’t had a car payment.  Another bit of closure comes the finalization of the our personal damage claim against the insurance company from our wreck last May.  It only took a year to clean that mess up.  Anyhow, after paying our medical bills, the leftover proceeds have gone into our Emergency Fund. Speaking of emergency funds, we recently had a bit of medical scare, causing me to re-think the amount we should keep in ourRead More →

light at the end of the tunnel

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve posted here.  Life happens and so does Lent.  In the four months since our last chat on Financial Sanity, we’ve made great progress.  Firstly, the tax bill was paid in full before the new year.  Secondly, we were able to scrape up enough money to pay off the STUPID loan we had to get to pay the equity difference when we sold our house.  Thirdly, we successfully refinanced the loan on the land.  All that’s left is to pay off the wife’s vehicle, then we’ll turn our attention to the land loan and building.  Here’s how we stand:Read More →

Financial Sanity DEC

Things are moving along…I just wish they would move along a little more quickly on our way to financial sanity. We’re drawing toward the end of the year, so the real goal is to finish off the tax payments.  We’ve paid the state of Oklahoma and as soon as we get our PIN, we’ll pay off the feds. The hardest part right now is patience – not something I have.  We are grossing an extra $1,000 a month or so from the cleaning business – which isn’t bad considering we only devote about 6 hours a week including drive time.  HOWEVER, scrubbing other people’s toiletsRead More →

Financial Sanity Nov - Train

Things keep chugging along in our struggle for Financial Sanity.  We are now in a place where we have to keep our heads down and just start trudging along. Our new client for our business, Rocking B Services, LLC, is working out well.  We’d like to add more, but we are fairly exhausted as it is.  One big thing we’ve learned:  don’t ever treat the cleaning staff as if they are less of a person than you.  It’s been interesting watching people’s reaction to us and how folks disregard even the simplest things because “there’s somebody to clean up.”  Also, you’d be surprised how muchRead More →

Financial Sanity OCT - Persistence

So…lots of things to update this month…financial sanity may finally be close enough to grasp. After the sale of our house, we found a nice rental and no longer have to take advantage of the generosity of relatives.  It’s very nice to be adults again!  Moving was a terrible experience, but we survived.  The boxes are slowly being unpacked and furniture is being reassembled. After springing for the deposit and first month’s rent, we were still able to make a bit of progress on the outstanding bills.  This month should go well for them too. In business news, we secured another cleaning client for ourRead More →