Financial Sanity Update – December

Financial Sanity DEC

Things are moving along…I just wish they would move along a little more quickly on our way to financial sanity.

We’re drawing toward the end of the year, so the real goal is to finish off the tax payments.  We’ve paid the state of Oklahoma and as soon as we get our PIN, we’ll pay off the feds.

The hardest part right now is patience – not something I have.  We are grossing an extra $1,000 a month or so from the cleaning business – which isn’t bad considering we only devote about 6 hours a week including drive time.  HOWEVER, scrubbing other people’s toilets is just not fun.  So, I am looking around for other sources of income and possible businesses to start up.  I’m currently leaning toward getting a real estate license.

The other side of this is I really don’t want my wife working this hard outside of the home.  She works harder every day at home than I do at my desk job and I hate that she has to work extra outside of the home – even if we are making the equivalent of about $21 an hour doing this.  The only issue I have is the large capital required to start up another business…

So, here’s where we stand this month:

Item                         Previous                      Current                      Difference
Fed Taxes                $3,450.00                     $601.64                       ($2,848.36)
Land Refi                 $7,000.00                     $7,000.00                     $0.00
Signature Loan       $12,659.88                   $12,107.56                  ($552.32)
GMC                         $9,973.90                      $9,748.23                   ($225.67)
OK Land                  $44,059.15                    $43,970.16                 ($88.99)
TOTALS                   $77,142.93                   $73,427.59                ($3,715.34)

Looking forward to seeing the tax bill gone so we can jump on the refi and see some REAL progress towards financial sanity.  Stay tuned for updates on the business front as well.

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