Remember Job

Chapter 2 of Remember Job can be found here. “Don’t sow them too close together boys,” Markus instructed his sons. “Gotta give them room to grow.” The golden corn kernels glistened in the sun as the children broadcast them onto the ground.  He wished for once that they could plant wheat, barley, or oats, but without any machinery, corn was about the only crop that they could plant, harvest, and thresh by hand.  He worried about the boys, worried they weren’t eating enough.  Their rope belts seemed to be tied tighter every day. He looked up at his mules and aligned them for the nextRead More →

Financial Sanity OCT - Persistence

So…lots of things to update this month…financial sanity may finally be close enough to grasp. After the sale of our house, we found a nice rental and no longer have to take advantage of the generosity of relatives.  It’s very nice to be adults again!  Moving was a terrible experience, but we survived.  The boxes are slowly being unpacked and furniture is being reassembled. After springing for the deposit and first month’s rent, we were still able to make a bit of progress on the outstanding bills.  This month should go well for them too. In business news, we secured another cleaning client for ourRead More →

Work - Plow

Man’s very nature is to avoid work.  Unfortunately, man also has to eat and provide for his family.  Further, the spiritual dangers presented by idle hands and minds – especially when they have internet access – are all too apparent.  Recognizing this, the Church, via the Saints and Sacred Scripture, have praised the importance and necessity of work throughout the ages.  What follows is incendiary in nature – but fully founded on Truth. I’ll Just “Depend on God” We’ve all heard people say this before.  Oftentimes it is followed with a remark about having enough faith.  We are in fact told to trust in GodRead More →

Financial Sanity Sep - Money Mountain

So, I realize there was no financial sanity update for August.  This was on purpose.  Many things happened in August, and due to past experiences, I didn’t want to talk about them until they actually occurred.  Think of it as avoiding a jinx – even though we know how unrealistic that is. First things first – we SOLD the house.  I can’t begin to tell you how much better it is not sending almost $3,000 per month to a place I don’t even live.  Unfortunately, in order to sell the house, we had to accept an offer that was well below the values estimated byRead More →