Remember Job - Okies Camp

Chapter 1 of Remember Job can be found here. They filled the tank of the rickety Model T and tied the used tire to the bumper. Their lives had boiled down to what few possessions they could stow onto the leaking automobile.  Gone was the farm. They had traded their cow for the car and traded eggs for the parts get it running.  Finally, the sale of the mules was to finance their traveling expenses. “Saint Christopher,” Markus whispered to himself as he engaged the clutch and turned the vehicle west. “Saint Jude,” Ingrid said as looked at her children’s dirty faces and thought ofRead More →

Remember Job

Chapter 2 of Remember Job can be found here. “Don’t sow them too close together boys,” Markus instructed his sons. “Gotta give them room to grow.” The golden corn kernels glistened in the sun as the children broadcast them onto the ground.  He wished for once that they could plant wheat, barley, or oats, but without any machinery, corn was about the only crop that they could plant, harvest, and thresh by hand.  He worried about the boys, worried they weren’t eating enough.  Their rope belts seemed to be tied tighter every day. He looked up at his mules and aligned them for the nextRead More →